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Live it, Rate it, Earn it.

A new consumer experience that inspires people to enjoy the moment, share their experience, and rewards every contribution.

Our Product


POMO is a lifestyle app that rewards users for contribution.
Every participant can earn points, gain membership cards, and receive unexpected rewards by writing reviews.

Check in!

After your purchase, simply tap your phone on the POMO sensor and wait for the vibration. You'll receive rewards, tokens, and perks !

Collect it!

Collect membership cards, keep your wallet from being stuffed with cards and use these memberships to upgrade your status !

Rate it!

After the consuming experience, earn the extra rewards with the review and valuable advice, or even blog to promote your favorite merchant !

Earn it!

If your review gains popularity, you will earn rewards, badges, titles, and most importantly, tokens! Everyone can be a reviewer !


POMO Network

In the realm of POMO Network, we envision a world where every contribution you make earns tangible value.


Ever wished for a seamless experience that rewards your every action and contribution?

We envision a world where your actions, whether they're consuming, reviewing or promoting, are rewarded with tangible value.

Complex Membership Card and Loyalty Point

The various membership cards and loyalty points are always scattered in different loyalty program, making it challenging to utilize and keep track of associated benefits.

Absence of Personalized Persona

Generic membership hardly provides personalized persona, you need to be re-identified in every first consuming experience.

Distorted content and Recommendation

Distorted content and recommendations fill the internet, making it hard to find the merchant that you are favored by.

Ready to Redefine your journey?

Your Contribution, Your Reward.

Dive in, earn, manage, and unlock exclusive perks that make your journey uniquely yours.

Partner Brands

Our Trusted Collaborations

Here are the brands we have collaborated with.

We create a new consumer journey experience.

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