Your Contribution,
Your Rewards,
Redefining the
Consumer Experience
and Data.

Explore an enhanced consumption experience within POMO Network, where all your desire and needs are aggregated and rewarded.

Pain Point

Ever wished for a seamless experience that rewards
your every action and contribution?

We envision a world where your actions, whether they're consuming, reviewing or promoting, are rewarded with tangible value.

Loyalty Points without Cumulative Value

The various loyalty points are always scattered in different loyalty program and membership system.

Complex Membership Card Management

You may find it cumbersome to handle multiple scattered membership cards, making it challenging to utilize and keep track of associated benefits.

Absence of Personalized Persona

Generic membership hardly provides personalized persona, you need to be re-identified in every first consuming experience.


POMO Network

In the realm of POMO Network, we envision a world where every contribution you make earns tangible value through Open Loyalty.

Member Token

  • Member tokens are a collection of ERC721 & ERC1155 - standard tokens that represent your identity.
  • Earn additional Member Tokens by consuming at the participating merchants.
  • Forge strong bonds with a favored merchant.

$POMO Token

  • $POMO Token is the native Token in POMO Network which is based on the ERC-20 standard.
  • Utilize $POMO Tokens to unlock additional perks and benefits while consuming participating merchants.
  • Unleash the potential of Open Loyalty with $POMO Token.



POMO App is the gateway for you to enter the dynamic world of the POMO Network and the evolving web3 era.

Earn Tokens

Immerse yourself in the enhanced consumer experience within the POMO Network and see your tokens increase. Your active participation results in tangible rewards, enriching your experience within the app.

  • Engage in diverse contribution within the POMO Network to watch your tokens grow.
  • Your active participation earns you tangible rewards, enriching your overall app experience.

Manage Tokens

Effortlessly monitor two tokens – Member Tokens and $POMO Tokens. These tokens symbolize your identity and contribution within the network, providing a clear picture of your active participation.

  • Building your personalized persona with two tokens - Member Tokens and $POMO Tokens.
  • These tokens not only show your preference, but also tokenize your social preference effects.

Utilize Tokens

Discover a world of exclusive offers, services, and experiences from merchants in the POMO Network. Your tokens are more than just currency; they are keys to personalizing your experience.

  • Enjoy special benefits and perks on your consumption journey with your Member token, which represents your persona.
  • Upgrade your Member token with $POMO tokens, your social preference effect tokens.


POMO Curator

POMO Curator is a CRM system that allows merchants to create their membership programs and specific vouchers. It's a tool to manage existing VIP customers and acquire new ones within the POMO Network and the web3 DePIN era.

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